Understanding Crypto - Getting Free Coins

If you are reading this article, but do not hold any coins, it is clear that you are interested in the crypto world. Still, there is a reason why you do not hold any coins. Some people do not know where to start, some think that the market is too volatile or unpredictable to participate. They are waiting for it to calm down and maybe have waited for three years or more.

That is why we are going to present some ways it is possible to become a coin holder without any starting capital. Various companies have made various projects where you can participate and earn coins without spending a dime. Some take more time than others, but also bring in bigger rewards.


The website Coinbase.com has various courses about different coins, the mechanics behind them and what they do. Basically you make your account and then watch their videos to learn about the coin. After that you fill out a quiz where you answer some questions to prove that you have actually watched said videos. And if you do it right, they send some coins in your Coinbase wallet. It is as simple as that. The only catch is that they made you learn something when you just wanted the coins. After you get them, you can trade them, keep them, do whatever you want with them. Those are real coins having real value.

A similar project, Coinmarketcap.com follows the same rules. Remember, it follows the “first come, first served” rules. So you must follow it closely to be able to participate in their projects. Sure, some might say that the prices are too small and it is not a real investment, but it is supposed to be of an educational purpose. It is better to learn trading and withdrawals with small sums, instead of thousands.


If the previous section dealt with Crypto University, a faucet is the Crypto Job. There are several websites that will offer you some amounts of cryptocurrencies if you do certain tasks. The easiest tasks are watching various ads or filling out captchas. The harder the task, the more cryptocurrency are you to earn. There will be bigger rewards for completing quizzes and the likes.

The reason why it is called “a faucet”? Because it is generally understood that the rewards will not be grand. There will be just drips of crypto, just like from a leaky faucet. But if you want just some coins in your wallet to see how it all works or you have found a way to automate the work, it can be the way for you.

As there are various faucets, the best way to find them is to google for “crypto faucets”. You might even add your favorite coin to that search and see if they have a project like that.


All companies want to be seen and stand out. Some think that the best way to do it is to make their own clients and customers do it for them. In those cases an Airdrop can be announced. Basically it is a coin and token giveaway in exchange for you promoting them. Then you have to either share their tweet or write a comment about them somewhere so as to raise awareness.

A lot of these promotions require you to already own their tokens or coins. That way they can make sure that real people participate with real social media accounts, not just bot accounts. Because of that you have to be a bit careful - sometimes the entry fee for an airdrop can turn out to be bigger than the airdrop itself. So it is best to just follow several projects, not try to catch them all.

There are various Airdrop aggregators - websites that collect and gather information of ongoing and future Airdrops, as well as Telegram and other social media groups. It is not too hard to find them, as the sole purpose of the projects is to raise awareness and be noticeable.


Airdrops for skilled people. These are projects that award more coins, but are more difficult and require skills significantly more sophisticated than sharing a tweet. These are tasks that can directly help the company. Sometimes to claim a bounty one has to write an article about the project. A good article where you can see that the person has read the white paper and understands it. Sometimes projects are looking for translators and awarding them with currency for said work.

And if you are more technologically inclined, then you are looking for Bug bounties. That means you apply your skills to see how the website and software of the project can be abused and then send a bug report to their developers. They will then decide how much the bug is worth. Bounties are considered to be a bit more trustworthy as they require more work and a deeper commitment from all sides of the project.


Yes, you can earn coins by gaming. There are various websites and mobile phone applications that will let you earn cryptocurrencies just for playing games that you like. Why would the gaming companies do that? Well, you need people in a multiplayer game to get others to join your multiplayer game. So they are prepared to pay a little to get users who will also test the game and give suggestions on how to improve it.

Now, there are many games in the market now that let you earn. From simple oldschool farming simulators to Quake and Counter-Strike. All you have to do is google and you will find a list.


There are many more choices, but we decided to list the easiest ones. So you have to understand - earning crypto this way is not going to be better than having a job. In most cases working an hour your regular job will bring you better income than watching ads or playing games. That is why we urge you to choose only those options that seem fun and interesting for you, otherwise you might as well work and then buy your crypto with your paycheck.

Another thing to take in consideration - look at the rewards and rules. Maybe the project offers you 2000 RandomCoin for a single click, but how much is that coin worth? And can it be actually traded in the market? And what will the transaction fees be like when you want to withdraw? So the best advice would be to find something you like, read the rules if it is a good fit for you and then spend your time as long as you are enjoying it and not a minute more. Then again, that is a good advice for everything in life.

Thank you for reading our blog. If you have any questions about the topic or want to suggest a new one, please write an email to [email protected].